Revamp your old or troublesome Internal Gutter Systems

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Revamp Internal Gutter Systems

Welcome to RIGS

RIGS is a New Zealand based company started to provide a unique patent pending fascia solution suitable to upgrade all types of metal fascia and spouting systems that have been installed over the last 40 years.

To date their hasn’t been a product to take care of such a huge range of building methods from using RIGS as a cover fascia for old timber fascia through to revamping the troublesome internal systems by converting to external and ALL fascia systems in-between.

RIGS Currently supplies a range of companies across the upper north island and looking to expand our list of agents all across New Zealand and join us in this exciting expansion in the rainwater goods industry. The options are for existing companies to add RIGS to their current product range or for new stand alone companies to take advantage of the growth. The time for using RIGS is now as the perfect storm is here.


See the difference. Feel the difference.

Not only will your transformed house look great, It will also solve any water leaking problems from your existing internal gutters.
See our product range for an easy way of identifying your system and take a look at what it could become.



Frequently Asked Questions

there are many telltale signs that you have or are heading towards having issues with your system. these are some of the more obvious signs.

– Water leaking down windows/out of corners/through soffit linings or out through
holes in some fascias

– Black mould on soffit linings

– Brown spots on fascia ( fascia usually rusts from the inside, once there are brown
spots on the outside then the corrosion is usually extensive but hidden)

This largely depends on the size of your house and accessibility. But generally speaking Our team will be on-site for 2-5 days to complete the process.

Contact us for a free quote, once you provide your address we will be able to provide an accurate quote based on satellite imagery of your house.