Klass External Fascia

Klass external fascia - rigs

Klass External fascia was widely used in the 90’s. A 150mm fascia panel usually combined with a smaller box gutter. The system was discontinued around 2010. There were changes along the way with the usual powder coating options to match joinery colours, drain holes in the bottom, slots for gutter bracket installation and big panel […]

Internal Gutter Systems

The problem is big! REVAMP YOUR INTERNAL RAINWATER SYSTEM WITH RIGS! No matter what system you have, weather it be Taylor fascia internal, Klass, Dimonds, Triline, Metalcraft, Norgate etc etc, they are all very similar with the same issues. They are well known to be problematic with multiple reasons for water ingress, from large holes in the gutters to bad design […]

Timber Cover

Self explanatory, the time involved in bringing up to scratch any old timber fascia when you consider repairs and paint may give way to starting again wth a timber cover fascia (which has its limits) or removal of the timber fascia and replace with the RIGS system.

Stepped Fascia

A very old system, probably the first. Made from good steel but unfortunately no fall adjustment or overflow gap at rear of gutter. We’re starting to notice this product is having ingress issues due to there being no escape for the water.

Continuous Spouting External

Same dimensions as Taylor external but no corner soakers and flat across the bottom. Up to 25 years old and failing around the brackets. https://youtu.be/qGOfMBsLcbY?si=4xIeaFrqeDX3TNq_

Taylor External Fascia

Taylor Fascia External, Sometimes powder coated to match joinery colours. 140mm panel with 15 degree 50mm angle down to the rounded bottom. Fails with powder coating issues and gutter bracket reaction on face.  https://youtu.be/qGOfMBsLcbY?si=4xIeaFrqeDX3TNq_

Bildon Fascia

Bildon Fascia, a powder coated steel product 25mm across the bottom, 25mm up the back edge where it meets the soffit linings with a 60mm x 18mm timber bead around the top. Failed because the powder coating didn’t have good cut edge performance. Generally very rusty and blistered with a lot of zinc bleed through. […]